Asian Cockroach

asian cockroach01It gets its name because it is commonly found in Southeast Asia, but its spread is significant now and it infiltrates houses across the globe. Just like most other cockroaches, the Asian cockroach carries germs and can spread diseases when you have an infestation in your home. The roaches breed fast and the populations seem to be highest in summer and spring. The Asian roaches are very similar to German cockroaches in appearance, but behavior distinguishes one from the other.

The Asian cockroaches can fly and love the outdoors while the German do not fly and love infesting human dwellings. When the Asian cockroaches do enter your home, they tend to be active during dusk and they can fly towards light sources. They love moist, shaded areas and you can use screens on your windows and doors to keep them out. You might need to be persistent and patience when trying to eradicate infestations, but fortunately there are several ways of controlling the Asian cockroaches.

1. Non chemical control methods

The non-chemical control approach is the best whatever the pest you are trying to get rid of on your property. The methods are safer and can be very effective when handled well. Sanitation is one of the best non-chemical methods you can use on the cockroaches. Get rid of their food, water sources and harborage to make them move or die. Ensure that your waste bins are properly managed and have leaky pipes, faucets and drains repaired because the cockroaches can actually survive on water only. It also helps to ensure that you do not have any food cramps lying around and your surfaces are clean.

Exclusion is another good non-chemical method of controlling the Asian cockroaches. Because they love the outdoors, try as much as possible to keep them there. Use caulk and ensure that you have any possible entry points like holes in your home sealed to limit their access into the house. It would also help a great deal to have screens placed on your floor drains, windows and vents. Ensure that your doors are tightly fitted and close just as tightly so they do not offer access or harborage for the cockroaches.

2. Chemical control methods

Sometimes the chemical approach serves as the best option and you might be forced to use the chemicals. You can start by dusting crevices and cracks or you can also consider applying the liquid residual to your perimeter to control these outdoor cockroaches. The same liquid can also be sprayed cautiously on your indoors if you have an infestation. Granules and baits can also be used and you can also get contact sprays to kill them when you see them in your home.

Some chemicals can be harmful when ingested and should therefore be handled with care and instructions of use should also be followed. If you are not very sure about handling the chemicals or the entire pest control process, it is best to let pest control experts at Toro Pest Management to do a clean job on your property.

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