Australian Cockroach

Australian CockroachIn appearance, the Australian cockroaches look very much as the American cockroaches, but they tend to be smaller in size. They usually do not go over the 1 ΒΌ inches in length. These cockroaches have a yellow area on the thorax but they are generally reddish brown. The yellow stripes along outer front edge of their wings makes them easily identifiable.

These cockroaches love decaying materials as well as plant materials. In your home, the starchy materials you have, such as glue on boxes and book bindings serve as food, but they can also chew holes in your clothes.

Even though these roaches are very common in tropical and south areas, shipping and transportation has made it possible for them to populate other areas and they can be found in your home too. The females lay egg cases in cracks and crevices and other hidden areas and every one of these cases can contain up to 24 eggs. A good number of the eggs in the cases do hatch, meaning that it does not take much time before you have a full blown infestation in your home.

Important to remember is that the Australian cockroaches can fly and will survive in your house if there is plenty of humidity, heat, food and water. You will find them in garbage cans, garages, attics and kitchens while outdoors, they can be on wood piles, leaf piles, tree holes, wall voids and even tree barks.

Sanitation and exclusion is among the best techniques that you can use to keep infestations at bay and to control already existing infestations. Seal any gaps, opening and cracks using a material that the pests cannot attack easily, Plastic wood, putty and caulking compound can be very effective in sealing these entry and harborage points. You also want to eliminate any food sources on your outdoors and ensure that you have tight fitting windows and doors and screens that fit well. If you have a few cockroaches inside your home, vacuum and discard the debris immediately. Repair all leaks in and out of your home and get rid of rotting matter. Garbage should also be managed well and all moist areas ventilated.

Insecticide sprays are the other control solutions you can go for when you have an infestation. There are so many products in the market today and you should take time to choose the most effective and ensure that you follow the guidelines. Pest control experts can help you make the right decision with the products and even handle the entire treatment process for you. Baits and dusts are also very effective in eradicating the Australian cockroaches.

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