Big Headed Ants

bigheaded antBig headed ants belong to the Pheidole genus and are commonly found below rocks or on wet grounds. Their colour varies from yellow to red to dark brown. They usually enter into residential establishments to look for food. If you have cracks in your foundation, these big-headed ants make merry making a polished entry into your kitchen. Though they don’t cause any serious damages, you have to report their infestations to a professional pest control agency like Toro Pest Management. They leave behind trails all the way from the places of their nesting till the places where they hunt for food. Infestations inside homes are quite rare; however they may enter inside only in search of food. It is important to keep areas around your residential properly clean and seal all the cracks in your foundation, if you want to get to rid of big headed ants permanently.


Types and food

Foods rich in protein, honey dew, rotten insects and soil invertebrates are some of the foods that big headed ants thrive on. A group of these ants is known as colony. Every colony has major and minor workers, which are of 1/4th to 1/8th of an inch long. While the major workers take care of protection of the colony, the minor workers take care of feeding everybody. Some of the areas where they are found in plenty are lawns, under the rocks, flower beds, close to trees and pipes and other walkways

Controlling big headed ants infestation

When you witness the first traces of big- headed ants’ infestations in your house, you have to immediately call up a professional pest control experts, as they are the only ones who are qualified to give you permanent solutions for the same. Toro Pest Management, with close to 5 decades of experience in pest control, in one such expert, whom you can count on whenever you face any kind of infestations. The following steps can prevent big-headed ants from entering your homes.

  1. Having a good deal of space between your building and any kind of vegetation
  2. Not keeping any firewood piles nearby your house
  3. Eradicating all kinds of nesting places in and around your house

When you call an expert to get rid of these infestations, they arrive at your premises, inspect your area thoroughly and advise you of necessary solutions for the same. It is always better and recommended to outsource this work to experienced pest control companies. This way, you will be guaranteed of permanent solutions and lots of cost savings, that you would otherwise need to spend in future when these ants start resurfacing. In a nutshell, if you keep the areas around your house clean and check your foundations for any cracks on a regular basis, you can keep these big-headed ants at bay. These ants do not usually cause infestations inside the homes. Their entry is possible only through cracks, open nesting places etc. Once you seal all of these, these ants will have no room to enter your house.

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