Brown Banded Cockroach

Supella longipalpa cdcThe brown banded cockroaches have 2 light brown bands across their brown coloured bodies. These types of roaches survive in warm and less humid regions. Similar to the American cockroach, the brown banded cockroaches can be spotted on ceilings, attics and in the store rooms.

Food habits

These insects are very active at night although you can see them roaming around in the kitchen during the day rummaging for food. Their feeding habits are not much different from the other type of cockroaches. But these cockroaches have a strong liking for materials that have greater starch content, such as books and bindings.

Life span and growth

  • The brown banded cockroaches have an average life span of around 200 days whereas some of them can live up to 315 days.
  • The females produce almost about 14 egg capsules during its entire life span. Each egg capsule contains about 10 to 18 eggs.
  • The hatching period depends on environmental conditions. Under normal conditions the eggs hatch within 90 days but in case of harsh environmental conditions it can take as long as 276 days for the eggs to hatch.


  • Although the brown banded cockroaches don’t cause any major threat, they can spread diseases.
  • These cockroaches are said to spread about 33 types of bacteria and 6 types of parasitic worms and other germs.
  • The germs and bacteria are picked through the legs and bodies when they wander through dirt, decaying matter and waste. They contaminate the food materials with these germs.
  • These cockroaches are also proven to cause allergies especially in children.

How to detect Brown-Banded Cockroach infestation?

  • Since they are nocturnal you can spot them at night in the kitchen.
  • Droppings are a significant indicator of cockroach infestation. The droppings look like black specks sometimes dark brown in colour.
  • Presence of egg capsules in protected areas such as in gaps and cracks.
  • The brown banded cockroaches also linger around electronic equipment or appliances such as refrigerators and mixer grinders.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches can also be found in numerous areas such as cabinets, drawers, cupboards and clocks.

How to prevent brown banded cockroach infestation?

  • All cockroaches need food, water and shelter to nourish and flourish. So, by getting rid of all these elements by ensuring a clean and clutter-free home, you can keep cockroach infestation at bay.
  • Don't hoard old papers and cardboards as they act as a breeding ground for the brown banded roaches.
  • Use a closed trash can with a well-fitting lid to store all your overnight waste and garbage.
  • Repair all the leaking drains and water pipes since cockroaches can survive on water.
  • Keep your home especially the kitchen clean and don’t let any food particles lying around anywhere.
  • Empty pet food containers at night, or place them on the back porch or in a plastic bag.
  • Make it difficult for them to get inside the house. Fix the cracks and holes inside your home.
  • Screen all the vents including windows.

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