Brown Dog Tick

brown dog tickHaving a dog as a pet is one of the best decisions any individual can make. They not only keep you safe but they also offer you companionship when you are alone. Keeping your pet free from any pests may prove difficult especially when it comes to ticks. Ticks may be hard to notice and they come in various forms.

Brown dog ticks to be specific are a breed of ticks that have the capability to spend their entire life on one host and indoors. The brown dog tick is reddish-brown in color making it difficult to notice as it hides insides the dog’s fur. The male dog is bigger than the female and the size will tend to increase when the tick is from feeding.

Given that the brown dog tick can spend its entire life indoors, it is commonly found in homes where dogs are kept and also in the dog’s kennels. Their size is also a disadvantage- one can only identify them when it is too late. You will probably come to notice them when they are crawling on your walls! They reproduce rapidly and the ticks can live up to sixty days during their entire life cycle. In the case where the pests lack a canine host, the ticks turn to human as a last resort.

Are you a dog owner whose favorite canine has been infested by the by the brown dog tick and having tried different solutions which produce no results, is looking for a permanent solution to rid yourself of the pest? Furthermore, are you looking for a way to ensure that the stubborn tick does not invade your home and make it unbearable for both you and your dog? Toro pest management has the solutions to all your problems. With over 45 years’ experience, the company has mastered the art of controlling and preventing the occurrence of any pest. Toro pest management provides you with all the right solutions to your brown dog tick problems.

The company carries out its services by first sending a professional to your home to identify the problem and to also learn the extent to which the infestation has occurred. The information collected will then be used to decide on the best techniques that can curb the problem at hand. If you are concerned about the visits not fitting into your schedule, Toro offers very flexible service hours which suit any individual.

The staff is also well known for their good etiquette hence creating a conducive environment for both parties. All the services are provided at affordable rates with a money back guarantee. This means that you do not have to spend a fortune getting rid of the brown dog tick and you are also ensured of quality services.

Toro Pest Management is the place to go if you value the well-being of your pet. Do not let your home be infested with brown dog ticks. Take the first step to combating the problem and make a better home for both you and your dog!

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