Chinch Bugs

chinch bugHaving a well-manicured lawn is any homeowner’s dream. After all the hard work of tending to it, all you desire is to sit back in your all green garden, relax and watch the sun set from the comfort of your garden. However, chinch bugs can prove to be quite a nuisance to any homeowner who has a lawn. These small pests feed on grass leaving it dry and withered.

Chinch bugs are small pests found on lawns that cannot be easily seen by the naked eye. The only way you can identify them is by seeing the end results of their havoc. They start attacking the lawn in patches sucking out all the water from the grass near them. If not controlled, chinch bugs can destroy your entire garden leaving it dry and withered.

Seeing as it is difficult to identify chinch bugs with the naked eye, there are effective ways one can use to identify them. One method commonly used is the use of a can cut on both sides. You place the can on the grass adjacent to the dried patch, fill it water and let it sit for a few minutes. Immediately, you will notice the reddish insects floating on the water.

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