CPCO Green Certified Training

CPCO Green Certified TrainingPest management is not always a simple process. This is because the use of hazardous products and methods could end up posing risks to the environment and even people who come in contact with the pesticides used in controlling pests. Pesticide exposure can actually give rise to health concerns especially when the pesticides are washed away into the farms. There is therefore that great need to take precautions not to end up increasing the risks when trying to eliminate frustrating pests. Unfortunately, not everybody knows what products and methods are right and safe to use on the common pests in residential and commercial areas.

CPCO or Certified Pest Control Operators came up with a training and certification program designed for companies to adopt integrated pest management commonly referred to as IPM. This training is very important since it educates on the use of pesticides that have reduced impacts as well as non-chemical control methods that are just as effective and 100% safe. With this kind of training, pest management companies are able to reduce pesticide exposure and its effects. The program also touches on training to improve routing efficiency so that fuel use and pollution are reduced during the pest management process. Also included in the program is the reduction of wastes in offices or field so that the environment is well protected. Recycling policies are also not left behind in the program.

By choosing a CPCO Green certified personnel from Toro Pest Management you can be sure that the environment is well protected and so is the health of everyone around. You will also have the assurance that the TORO company personnel know:

  • What the best pest control products are
  • How to safely and effectively use the products
  • Other non-chemical methods they can be used safely and effectively
  • And How to reduce pesticide exposure so that everything remains safe and healthy

The best thing about us is that our entire pest control team is trained and Green Certified. They have participated in the training and received the intense training the program comes with to make them better environmental stewards besides being successful pest exterminators. For this reason, you can trust Toro to continue offering the best environment friendly, safe and effective alternative solutions with your pests even in the future. With our pest control services, you will never have to worry about harmful pesticides or control products that don’t work.

In fact, we will not only save you from your current pest troubles, but we will also give you preventative solutions to avoid any future infestations in your home or office. We offer full pest control services to also take care of situations that could be putting your property at risk of pest infestation. Toro Pest Management has a team you can trust for any kind of pests. We understand pest behavior, making it very easy for us to get to the root of the pest problems.