Cuban Cockroaches

Cuban CoackroachesThis cockroach is native to Cuba, but just like many others, it spreads to different other areas in the world. They are green in color and measure up to 24 mm in length and they have slender bodies. They have wings and make very good flyers; you will most probably notice them as they fly lamps, television and other illuminating fixtures you might have in your home.

The Cuban cockroaches breed outside and only get indoors by chance when doors and windows are opened. It would help to install screens to create a barrier so they do not enter and become a problem indoors. If it is too late to keep them out, then you are best calling in pest experts to help in the treatment and control of the cockroaches. An inspection in your home from the pest professionals can help decide what control steps should be taken to get rid of the infestation.

These cockroaches are also called banana cockroaches because they seem to have a sweet tooth. They love natural foods that are sugary and also love leaves that are sweet. They will be attracted by anything sweet including spilt juices and soft drinks on your surfaces. They generally have a great appetite for fresh foods, but they also love any artificial sweet things.

The vivid green color and the unusually large wings are what make the cockroaches easily identifiable from the other species. They are common in outdoor areas such as potted plants, bushes, trees, wood chips and dried mulch. They rarely bite humans and even when they do, there is really nothing much to worry about the bites because they are not harmful.

Considering that the Cuban cockroaches seem to be attracted to artificial lighting, it would be a good idea to keep light in your house off as much as possible especially when the windows and doors are open. They fly around at night and will come right into your home if you have lights on and windows open. Installing screens on your windows can help keep them out even with the lights on and windows opened.

In case you start getting concerned by the cockroach population on your outdoors and indoors, it would be best to get pest control professionals to get rid of them safe and effectively. Toro Pest Management is a reputable pest control company you can trust to deliver effective solutions for any pest infestation you might have on your property including the Cuban cockroaches. It is important to remember that the eggs and harborages can be spread all over your property and hence personal control approaches might not be effective enough, you could get recurring infestations that can get frustrating.

Toro has pest technicians who are trained, certified and experienced in managing pests and after assessing your home, they will recommend the best treatment program to effectively eliminate the Cuban cockroaches and give you peace of mind you deserve on the property.

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