Florida Drywood Termite Control

Dry wood termites in Florida can be destructive to property. They can also be dangerous when they find their way into your home. Fortunately, Toro Pest Management has all the solutions you need with the termites. You can now enjoy your home or office more with our professional services of eradicating termites living and breeding on your property and keeping them off it as well. We offer different pest control services and solutions to safely but effectively take care of your dry wood termite problems around Florida.

Tent Fumigation

Tent FumigationTent fumigation is a very effective solution for exterminating Florida dry wood termite infestations. This method involves dispersing a fumigant called Vikane into the structure. The fumigant penetrates all structural wood timbers, trim, finished wood and furniture, and hard to treat walls and studs. Our professionals from TORO Pest Management offer dry wood termite control tenting services throughout Miami and the surrounding areas. It is one of our most popular services and you can trust our technicians to offer you a clean job on your property as soon as the termites show up and become a problem.

Non-Tenting Termite Control

Non-Tenting Termite ControlApart from tent fumigation, Toro offers non-tenting termite control where Toro-guard injection termite treatments are done on your property. This injection is an effective tenting alternative treatment because it is for the prevention and also extermination of dry wood termites from offices and homes. You can have this service safely without the need to leave your premises because we use environmentfriendly and safe products. Toro Pest Management offers this dry wood termite control alternative throughout Miami and also the surrounding areas. It is very effective since it offers two solutions at once. You will have the termites exterminated and at the same time have your area protected from future infestations.


Toro-Guard is an innovative treatment that can be used safely and effectively in single-family homes, commercial properties and even multi-unit buildings. The best thing about the treatment is that it is virtually colorless and odorless making it hard for you to even notice that your space has been recently treated. It is for this reason that you can continue doing your work or enjoying your space, even when the treatment is in progress. The treatment does not change the integrity or the appearance of fasteners or wood around your home or office making it very safe.

The treatment will last on your wood as long as you keep running water off the wood. It is how it manages to keep the wood prevented from future infestations. Once it is dry, you can go ahead and paint or stain the wood without having any negative effects on the treatment; it will still be effective even after the painting. The guard has the ability to move through your wood through moisture, hence protecting the entire wood from destructive termites. The deep penetration into the wood offers valuable long term protection against present and any future invaders. You can now enjoy your wooden pieces and structures for longer with Toro-Guard treatment.

Florida Drywood Termite Control

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