Florida Woods Cockroaches

florida wood cockroachAlso known as the stinking cockroach, Florida Woods Cockroaches (Eurycotis floridana) are large insects which measure close to 3 to 4cm. When they are being attacked or threatened, they emanate a very bad-smelling liquid. As the name indicates, they are commonly found in Florida, as the place is very humid and warm. Other places where one can spot these insects in large numbers are West Indies, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. They are commonly known as palmetto bugs as well, because they usually reside underneath a dense growth of palmetto leaves.

Florida Woods Cockroaches have their wings carefully concealed within their bodies. At a first look, they look like wingless insects; however, that is not the case. These cockroaches are mostly black to dark brown in colour. Water attracts them the most. Therefore if you have leaking pipes in your house, you should be careful of these visitors. Usually, these cockroaches do not cause infestations inside homes, as they enter only for warmth purposes. No serious damages have been reported so far. At times, they can enter homes through leaking pipes and can comfortably settle down in your bathtubs. Small cracks, open windows & doors, water accumulation near houses, leakage etc. are some of the reasons that enable Florida Woods Cockroaches to enter into homes.

What do they eat and where do they stay?

Florida Woods Cockroaches mostly live in areas that are humid, dark and remote. They can be found in limestone cavities, underneath tree barks, inside the trunk of trees, among shrubs that are densely grown, litter of leaves, piles of wood and logs that are in rotting stage. Moist and smelly areas attract these cockroaches in large numbers.  Their diet usually consists of mosses, microbes found in the soil, dead plants, damp leaves, barks, lichens and other substances that are found in a damp environment.

How to prevent Florida Woods Cockroaches from entering your homes?

Following these tips can prevent Florida Woods Cockroaches from entering into your homes:

  • Regular checks to ensure walls and foundation don’t have any cracks
  • Tight sealing of all existing cracks
  • Installation of tight screen on open windows
  • Attending to leaked pipes immediately
  • Keeping the area around your house trash-free and moist-free
  • Moving all wood piles and firewood as far as possible from your home
  • Cutting down usage of porch lights, as these lights attract Florida Woods Cockroaches to a great extent


Though not many cases of infestations have been reported so far, Florida Woods Cockroaches can enter into homes easily first for warmth and then settle down nicely if they are not controlled well. They can deposit their droppings on foods laid out in your kitchen tables, which when consumed, can lead to problems like dysentery for people who are already suffering from respiratory problems. If you see even one such cockroach at your place, it is better to call an expert pest control agency right away. Toro Pest Management, with close to 50 years of impeccable service in the pest control field, is one of the leaders in this industry.

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