German Roaches

German RoachesFound commonly in North America, German roaches can build their nests in houses and other buildings, spreading a variety of diseases, especially if they have their nests in a home. Usually, they establish their nests close to food and shelter sources. If your house is infested with these troublemakers, you can use the following approach to get rid of them without any professional’s help.

• Remove clutter: Get rid of the clutter in each room that is infested. German roaches can go for weeks without food, so make sure you check dark sheltered areas too.
• Check cupboards: Seal the areas beside, above or beneath cupboards after you have controlled them with insecticides. You may also get it done by a contractor.
• Eliminate food sources.
• Eat food in one room only.
• Make it a habit to vacuum your dining room on a daily basis.
• Keep food in sealed containers.
• Get rid of clutter

Transfer all the stuff from your kitchen cabinets to another room
Before you use insecticides, remove everything from the cabinet. Once the roaches are eliminated, put everything back in its place.

Fix plumbing problems
Water leakage from pipes causes the surrounding place to become damp, which offers an ideal environment for roaches to grow. So, call a plumber and get each pipe fixed.

Check small appliances
German roaches often hide in small appliances. Put each appliance in a big plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight to kill any roaches in them.

Killing Roach Populations
If you find some places with black flecks of dust, you have German roaches in your house. Follow the tips given below to eliminate their population with ease.

• Boric acid: Use boric acid around appliances and cabinet to kill roaches. The insects will die the moment they will feed on borax. Make sure you clean the areas up after the elimination of all the roaches.
• Roach bait: Buy roach bait, especially one in the gel form. Now, spread the bait close to the cracks in walls. Also, don’t forget to use it on areas where black roach flecks are spotted.
• Go with bait stations: Bait stations are small plastic containers that attract roaches and kill them once consumed.
• Roach strips: In high areas with high traffic, you can stick roach strips. However, in case of a serious infestation, you can combine gel bait and strips for more attraction. Diatomaceous Earth: Create a mixture of pet food and some food grade diatomaceous. As soon as a roach will be exposed to diatomaceous earth, it will get desiccated and die. While diatomaceous earth is safe for pets, it is not safe for humans. Make sure your kids are not around when you are applying boric acid or diatomaceous earth.

These are some natural methods that you can use to get rid of roaches on your own, but in case of severe infestation, you should go with a professional pest control service. They will use special chemicals to eliminate the population of roaches and make sure they don’t come back again. Make sure to do your homework before you hire a service provider and the whole process will be done smoothly.


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