Green Drain Cleaning & Food Source Removal

Green Drain CleaningFruit flies and drain flies are unsightly whereas odors resulting from rotting foods in different sources can make a home uncomfortable and unhygienic. Drains are the main suspects when it comes to odors and pests such as flies since it is easy for food to get stuck in the drains.

Clogging can also occur as a result of buildups in the drains necessitating proper drain cleaning. Apart from foods, the drains are prone to fat, oils and grease buildup which can lead to the same unhealthy conditions. You would need to find the best solutions for drain cleaning and ensure that food sources are removed to keep the situations at bay.

Bio-Foam: The Toro solution

Toro Pest Management is the best in keeping your home or business free from pests that can be a nuisance. We have the best methods, products and tools to use on your property to achieve the best results. Bio-Foam is the most effective tool we have to manage your drain flies, fruit flies and also remove the food source to keep other pests such as roaches and ants at bay. The Bio foam is used in foaming units, allowing treatment to drains, crevices and cracks as well as broken tile areas where flies breed easily. It has odor eliminating microbes, foaming agents and citrus oil. It is the perfect combination to attack scum since the microbes end up digesting bio film thus preventing further breeding in the areas.

Toro Green drain cleaning programs eliminate fly infestations at the source ensuring that your property remains as hygienic as it is possible. We have trained professional who do the work excellently to ensure you are satisfied and happier in your space. Our experts know the most effective drain cleaning solutions and utilize green pest control techniques to ensure even the environment is protected from any harmful exposure. Our pros will select what is best for your commercial building, bar or restaurant to protect your reputation as a business.


Green drain cleaning is a service most suitable for restaurants, commercial buildings, beverage room drains, service closet drains, janitor closets, sink drain and patient rooms shower drains. Our service basically accommodates everyone with a need to keep the kitchen or rooms clean and hygienic and free of nagging flies. To keep your drains clean, Toro recommends that you have the treatment performed on a quarterly basis. You should also consider having this treatment done around the dumpster area. You can add the service to your normal pest control program to enjoy better results every time.

When dealing with pests that are hard to control, it is advisable to let our experts handle the issues. This is because apart from getting rid of the pests currently driving you crazy, we work hard to get to the root of the problems and take preventative measures to keep your area clean and pest free for a long period of time. You can rest easy when our professionals are handling your pest needs.

We recommend that this treatment be performed on a quarterly basis to help keep the drains clean. Bio Foam can also be used under and around dumpster area. This service can be added to your pest control program.

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