Hotel Pest Control Services

Hotel Pest Control ServicesEnvironmentally friendly pest management is important for hotels. Since your hotel's reputation is important to you, it’s our job to protect your name brand. Keeping roaches, ants, spiders and now bed bug out of you property is our number one priority. 

TORO’s team of trained experts can help you provide a safe and sanitary environment that is pest free. As part of your customized program for your facility we will use products which are environmentally friendly, such as baiting technology, targeted dust injections, TORO’s insect monitors, injection system to cracks and crevices and documentation on sanitation and structural recommendations. By working together we can ensure a pest free environment for your facility.

Here's why Hotel Managers choose TORO for their pest control services

  • Free inspections
  • Quality Assurance Audits
  • A Service Operations Manager assigned to your account
  • TORO’s Injection System for cracks and crevices
  • TORO’s  Dust Injection System
  • TORO’s Insect Monitors
  • Advanced Baiting Systems
  • TORO’s is environmentally responsible
  • Natural Oils for insect elimination
  • On staff company entomologists
  • Best trained technicians in the industry
  • Convenient service schedule
  • No interruption to your normal operation, after-hours service, weekend service

If the bugs come back, so will TORO at no additional cost to you. TORO will respond with in 24 hours Guaranteed. Our technician will arrive quickly and deal with the pest problem to prevent recurrence.

Keeping a good reputation

Hotels are loved for their services and ambience. This means that the look of your hotel and comfort levels is just as important as the quality of the food that you are serving customers. It can take a long time for a hotel to create a name in the competitive field and actually gain a good reputation and nothing should come in the way of that. Pests unfortunately can ruin what you have worked so hard to build. They can rob you off the credibility and trust your customers have and even leave you in more losses that just customers.

Nothing can be worse than serving food only to be called upon when a customer spots a fly in the food. The same embarrassing moment can happen when rats start running from one table to another scrambling for food. It is actually something that can be terrifying for customers who have a fear for rodents and other insects and bugs. To keep your customers as comfortable and satisfied as they should be, you will need to find lasting pest solutions for your facilities. You can consider hiring the best commercial pest control companies to take care of your pest problem.

What to consider 

When looking for pest control solutions for your hotel, ensure that the professionals or exterminators are highly qualified to handle the kind of pests you have. Only a qualified professional will be in a position to choose the best commercial pest control products and treatment methods. Toro Pest Management has professional exterminators to take give you nothing but the best throughout the control process.

It is also important that you consider how the services will affect your hotel operations. Do you need to close for a few days for the complete pest control to take place or can you continue with business as usual even as the professionals do what they do best? A commercial pest control company giving you the solutions you need without requiring you to close is the best. Toro uses commercial pest control products that are environmentally friendly in that the treatment does not interfere with your hotel operations. It offers weekend services and after hour services to fit into your operations schedule.

Methods of eliminating the bugs or insects your hotel has should also be considered because they can determine how possible it is to go on with the operations even when the control is in progress. Professional exterminators at Toro Pest use baiting technology, insect monitors, targeted dust injections and cracks and crevice injection systems to take care of your problems. They use natural oils to eliminate insects as well. They are all methods that are bound to offer the best results without risking contamination of whatever the hotel has to serve to customers.

Pests are not only a threat to your clientele, but can also pose threats to your hotel documents, hotel supplies and even the hotel structure itself. Hiring Toro for your commercial pest control services will save you from all these and even get you preventative pest programs to keep re-infestation at bay.