Pest Control in Plantation, FL

plantation pest control flWithout reliable pest control for your property in Plantation South Florida, you remain vulnerable to invaders that do not only make it hard for to enjoy your home but also spread diseases and cause damages to your property. Every season brings with it pests risks and you need to be prepared in every way possible to hinder the infestations or to deal with them as they happen. Professional pest control services can go a long way in keeping you and your property protected.


They can become a nuisance especially when summer ends considering that mice and rats are warm blooded and will require some good shelter to live comfortably when the chill begins. Your property makes an ideal home for them and they can nest and colonize the home if left untreated. The worst thing about rodents is that they are disease carrying and they can spread them to your family when they invade the home. You will also get lice, ticks, flea mites to deal with when you have rodents infesting your home. It is best that you seek professional pest control services as soon as you suspect or see signs of an infestation. Toro Pest Management company offers comprehensive pest control services you can fully rely on with rodent infestations.

Bed bugs

They have become a growing problem in Plantation even though they once were very rare in South Florida. Freedom of movement has made it possible for them to spread in different areas and Plantation happens to be amongst those affected. They might not put you at risk of any diseases, but they definitely will leave you with itchy red welts and marks when they feast on your blood. Their tiny form makes them very hard to eradicate but the professionals at Toro will give you an easy time getting rid of an infestation that is making it hard for you to sleep.

Roaches and ants

They are most common in Plantation and South Florida as a whole and many homeowners have dealt with infestations at some point. Ants can range from the tiny sugar ants to larger winged carpenter ants that can wreak havoc in your home. Cockroaches on the other hand can carry tens of bacteria they can spread to your family and even trigger asthma attacks especially in children. They are excellent in hiding and you might need reliable pest control services to get rid of the pests and their eggs from your home. Toro Pest Management has what it takes when it comes to handling ants and cockroaches and will create a custom treatment program so suit your specific needs.


The professional will decide on the best treatment depending on the infestation. Traps and baits are some of the techniques that can be used, but the green solutions make some of the best in Plantation because they are safe and effective fumigation methods. Once an inspection is done on your property, the pest experts will be able to recommend and utilize the best treatment program.


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