7211221 sMost scorpions are in Southern Arizona and central Texas as well as central Oklahoma but some of the species have spread to southern Colorado, Kansa, Mississippi, Missouri and also in Florida and California. They thrive in dry climate, even though they are sensitive to moisture loss. They are brilliant hiders in a shady location, especially during the day and get their water from prey. 


These are arachnids and have eight legs with bodies that are made of two segments. They have an extended body and segmented erectile tail that ends in a stinger. The outer covering of scorpions is hard and bony and protects the cephalothorax and also supports the pair of median eyes of the scorpion right on top center. 

Life cycle 

The females carry eggs internally and when their young one finally leaves their mothers' bodies they climb on their backs and stay there until they go through first molt. After the first molt they climb down and go their way. As the young ones age the exoskeleton is shed and their development is measured using molting stage considering that a young scorpion must molt five to around seven times to reach maturity. 

The life span of a scorpion is between three years and five years, but some can live for as long as 10 or 15 years. They hunt for prey using their pincers and crush them or inject them with neurotoxic venom to paralyze and kill before feeding on them. They eat food in liquid form and therefore dispose solid matter before ingestion. 

Habits and risks 

Scorpions prefer relatively dry and warm habitats and will find shelter under rocks and in underground holes during the day. They eat lizards, other scorpions, spider and a variety of insects. Small mammals like mice also make very good food sources for the scorpions. Whereas a scorpion can go for months without food, it needs water to survive. 

Even though they live outdoors naturally, they can create an indoor problem when they leave the outdoor habitats in search of water, food and cool hiding places. They can access your home using various entry points such as gaps under the door, gaps in plumbing pipes, windows that are ground level and gaps and cracks present on your home foundation. They can also be carried indoors when they hide in boxes, firewood, outdoor furniture and potted plants. 

Scorpions are some of the most dangerous pests you can have on your property. This is because their stings contain venom that can threaten life. Convulsions and numbness are some of the serious effects with some even experiencing difficulties in breathing. People who develop allergic reactions could die from the venom especially if they are not treated immediately. An anti-venom injection can help counter the sting effects, improving survival chances in such situations. 

Prevention and control

Removing debris around the house where they can live and hide as well as keeping your lawn mowed are some of the protective measures you can take. Exclusion measures can also be put in place to hinder access into your home such as using screens on window and doors and sealing out gaps and holes. 

Pest control professionals can be called in when you have an invasion of your property to inspect and treat using the most effective products and techniques. 

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