Smoky-brown Roach

Cockroach smokeybrownThey are so called because of their mahogany brown color. Since smoky-brown roaches are of the same size as American roaches, it is difficult to tell one from the other. Let us teach you how to identify, treat and eliminate these roaches.

How to Identify the Smoky-brown Roach

Adult roaches of this species measure 1.2 inches in length. They can be recognized from their dark brown, shiny color. The tip of the insect’s abdomen is fully covered with wings. From these features, you can recognize a smoky-brown cockroach at first glance.

Problems that smoky-brown roaches can cause

This species of roaches carry a number of diseases and have also been linked with different types of viruses and bacteria. They can infect food and other stuff with these pathogens putting your health at risk. They can also worsen asthma conditions in kids and older people.

Preventive measures

Just like other species of roaches, you should make sure to start your treatment outside. Smoky-brown roaches are attached with fallen leaves. So, get a friend or family member and get rid of all the litter and debris in your garden or yard. Besides, make sure there is no old shed or wood piles lying in there. Cut back the thick shrubbery near your home to allow airflow. In the same way remove the excess mulch as well. Roaches often make it into houses through gaps and cracks in the walls, doors and windows. Make sure you seal each gap and crack preventing the troublemakers from making into your property.

Treatment methods

Once you have addressed the harborage and moisture conditions, you don’t need to look for any treatment methods as the roaches won’t invade your property. They often head for places with enough moisture and food sources. Smoky-brown roaches are persistent insects and may go to nearby lawns and houses for food and shelter. Once a place gets infested with a large population of these tiny creatures, the only effective treatment is to use insecticides around windows, doors and eaves. Besides, a good soil treatment can be done with baits and granules.

Another good option is dusting voids, and “Delta” dust is the way to go, especially in moisture conditions. You can use the product under voids and decks to kill the roaches hiding there. Basically, you should look for places with high level of moisture and little air circulation.
To treat areas with high moisture, you can use a dehumidifier, which will bring the moisture level down. Removing clutter from the rooms is also a good idea. A little air flow in the rooms will dry the insects out in a few days eliminating the need for other treatments.

Serious infestation

If your lawn as well as house is infested with a big infestation, you had better get the population of roaches eliminated by hiring a good pest control professional like Toro. We will inspect your lawn and house thoroughly, give you a quote and then apply the necessary specialized methods to get rid of the roaches on your property.


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Photo Author Toby Hudson - License CC-BY-SA-3.0