ZIKA Frequently Asked Questions

MOSQUITO ZIKA PREGNANT WOMAN shutterstock 374401873Why do I have mosquitoes ?

Female mosquitoes lay eggs, some species can lay over 100 eggs in a single laying on water and in wet or moist soil. Attracted to areas of standing water like puddles, ponds, bird baths, clogged gutters, or plant containers. Most will hide during the day in areas of vegetation when the temperature are very hot. They are most active during the early morning and sundown hours when the temperature starts to drop. Let’s just say sunny and humid South Florida is their favorite vacation spot.

How do I get rid of my mosquito problem ?

Mosquitoes can never be eliminated from your property. They will travel long distances in order to find a blood meal. The best way to control mosquitoes on your property is to call Toro’s Mosquito Team
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Zika Virus & Mosquitoes

Zika is a virus that spreads to humans through Aedes aegypti mosquito bites. Prior to 2015, known Zika cases were limited parts of Africa and Asia, but more than one million cases have been reported in Brazil since 2015 and the World Health Organization (WHO) has noted the virus is spreading to many countries.

How is Zika Transmitted?

Zika virus is transmitted to humans through a bite from infected Aedes -species mosquitoes such as the (Asian) tiger mosquito. Aedes mosquitoes are also known to spread yellow, dengue fevers and chikungunya viruses.

Zika Virus Symptoms

In most cases, symptoms associated with Zika are mild. Cases requiring hospitalization are uncommon. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), common Zika symptoms include headache, fever, skin rash, conjunctivitis and joint and muscle pain. These symptoms can last up to five days from the time of the bite, but sometimes dissipate earlier. After the first confirmed Zika virus case in Brazil, reports surfaced of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare immune system disorder, and birth defects such as microcephaly in newborn babies. According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), evidence supports a possible link between Zika virus and microcephaly.

Zika Virus Treatment

Approximately one in five people infected with Zika virus actually become ill. No vaccine or medications for Zika infections currently exist, so combat the symptoms with rest and hydration. If you develop symptoms connected to Zika and recently have visited a Zika-affected area, contact your healthcare provider right away.

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