Bed Bugs

bedbug 300x200Bed bugs are tiny parasitic insects that feed on human blood. The bites from these small bugs are irritating to the skin and can lead to itching and scratching. The itching and constant urge to scratch are the very first signs of an infestation in your home. The bed bugs thrive in bedrooms and particularly on the bed because this is where their hosts are and considering that they are nocturnal, the bed makes the best harbor area for them.

Apart from infesting the mattress and other parts of the bed including headboards and springs, they can also hide in nearby areas and items including carpets and any cracks you might have even on your walls. Their tiny bodies make it easier for them to hide and they can go undetected for a long period of time. The bed bugs can gain access to your home when they attach on clothes or other personal belongings when you lodge in an infested area. Second hand items can also come infested and spread the bugs in your home giving you sleepless nights. There are however so many other factors that cause the infestations, but what matters most is how to get rid of them if you already have an infested home.

Pesticides – They are the most commonly used when eradicating bed bugs and even though there are very good products that can finally put the bed bug matter to rest in your home, some are not as effective. Pesticide resistance and pest dispersal in your home also seem to be the other challenges when using this approach. It would be advisable to allow a reputable pest management company to handle the treatment to get the most effective results possible. The use of chemicals on your bed might not always be a good idea considering that they could end up contaminating your bed and mattresses and posing health risks to you. Experienced pest experts know what products are best, the techniques to use when applying and precautions necessary during the treatment.

Inorganic materials – Silica gel and diatomaceous earth seem to be the most commonly used especially in dry environments. The dust when it comes into contact with the outer exoskeleton waxy layer of the bed bugs disrupts it and causes dehydration thus killing them. The food grade diatomaceous earth is the most popular in combating infestations. They are products that you can use at home with care, but it is still a good idea to consult a pest control company, especially with larger populations of the bed bugs to get the most effective results with the treatment.

Organic materials – Bean leaves seem to be the best at trapping the bugs because of their hooked hairs that pierce tarsi joints on the arthropod legs of the bed bugs. They are inexpensive and very effective in trapping the bed bugs.

Heat treatment – Under heat treatment, cloth dryers, steam and hot boxes can all be used to get rid of the bed bugs. Professional pest control companies usually employ this method of eradicating infestations, and it delivers very good results. Vacuuming and freezing are also very effective methods of getting rid of the bed bugs.

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