Pest Control in EL Portal

El PortalPest such as roaches, ants, termites, bedbugs and termites bring problems in many peoples’ homes. However, the good news is that there is hope at the end of the tunnel for you. Let us save you from this menace. If you live around EL Portal, you don’t have to worry because TORO Pest Management is just a phone call away. We are a pest control service that has been in the pest industry for many years.

Our main goals is to always make sure that our customers are fully satisfied by ensuring that we remove pest such as rodents and roaches from their homes, and take the necessary steps to ensure that they do not come back.

We are experts in pest control and our work is purely professional. Also, we take pride for the type of services that we offer to customer. We strive to ensure that what we do, no other pest management company is able to do.

Therefore, don’t just let these nuisances control your house while you are there. It is about time you do the right thing, call us and we shall come to your home, business complex or condo and do a thorough assessment on your house and give you report regarding the same, we shall also give you customized solutions that are long term.

Remember, it is very important to keep you house extremely clean at all times and free from any form of infestation.This will ensure health as well as the well-being of everyone living under your roof. Not only does cleanliness insure great health, but it also insures your furniture is safe as well as the foundation of the property.

We have a team that is highly qualified, experienced and understands what you are going through. Our pest control experts will come to you place of residence assess the current situation and give you a sustainable solution to all your pest problems.

We use organic products when eliminating pest. Our products are also safe and thus are not harmful to humans, plants and pets.
Sustainable solutions for dependable pest control

We reduce pest to make sure that your family members and employees can continue to live in peace and harmony while we do our work.
Some of the services that our experts do include:

• Wood destroying organism inspection and treatment
• Individual customized pest control programs
• Alternative to tenting
• Integrated pest management
• On staff consulting entomologists
• Product and equipment sales
• Pest prevention consultation
• Tent fumigation
• Rodent control
• Termite treatments
• Consulting for contract specifications
• Integrated pest management
• Bird control
• Sanitation inspections
• Pest identification

If you are looking for pest control service, we offer:

Different variety of pest control and also detection services

• We also offer a guarantee- meaning that we are liable to treat your home again in case the pest come back.
• We are company that has been in the pest industry for many years, and we guarantee quality work.

Contact us today for a free consultation and we will be at your service.