Pest Control in Medley

MedleyMedley just like other areas in South Florida has a number of common pests that can invade your property posing damages and health risks. It is always a good idea to let pest control professional to control the pests on your behalf, considering that some can be dangerous and wrong handling of other pests can make the situation on your property even worse. There are so many control methods that the pest management companies employ to eradicate the pests. Usually the type of pest you have on your property and the extent of the infestation will help the pest experts decide what method is most appropriate.

Toro Pest Management offers effective pest control solutions for residential and commercial properties. The best thing about the company is that it ensures that the treatment program settled of is customized to the specific needs of your property increasing the success rates of the treatment. Below are some of the common control methods you might get on your infested property.

Baiting – The method uses baits which can be in the form of organic substances, pesticides or kitchen pantry items to attract and trap the pests you have. Some of the baits are poisonous and they are therefore meant not to trap, but to actually kill the pests and can work in eradicating pest colonies.

Traps – They make some of the safest pest solutions for your property because they do not use any chemicals. They are basically meant to capture the pests and are commonly used for rodents like rats and mice. Traps can also work great in case you have wild animals on your property that need to be taken back to their habitats without the need to kill them. The good thing about the traps is that you can buy and use them without the need to call in experts and you can reuse them over a long period of time.

Sticky traps like tapes with sticky sides or those with petroleum jelly can also be used effectively to capture bugs. You can also get sticky flypaper to easily get rid of flies.

Chemicals – This method is usually the last resort for pest experts like Toro and it involves the use of pesticides and insecticides. They can be sprayed or applied in areas where the pests frequent or directly onto their nests and harborage areas. Even though the chemicals come with instructions of use, it is advisable that you consult a professional exterminator who can handle the application process safely and effectively on your property.

Beneficial insects – It is not a very common pest control method, but it can be very effective and safe because it is natural. In this method, insects are introduced usually on your outdoors to prey on the pests that could be destroying your garden plants and foliage. You basically use insects to counter harmful insects on your property in the most natural way. A pest management company can help you make the right decision and handle the process in the best way possible.

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