Pest Control in Key Biscayne

Bed bugs are common in Key Biscayne Village. They are very small insects that have an oval shape. They are known to suck blood from animals and humans and they don not have the ability to fly. They can live in furniture, cracks in the walls or in any part of the house. However they are very commonly found in beds including box springs, mattress and bed frames.

They are quite active at night. They bite and cause skin irritation when you sleep, the most common locations for bites including hands, face, neck, and arms. Bed bugs have a painless bite and it is not easy to notice them. You may mistake the bite for a rash. The most common sign for a bed bug bite is a small and raised bump on the skin. Some of the symptoms include swelling, redness and itching. There is no apparent treatment for bedbugs; hence one can only be given liquids to ease up the bumps.

If your home is infested with these insects, and you have been looking for ways to get rid of these harmful insects, look no further. TORO Pest Management is the right company to handle all your pest control issues. We understand that bed bugs can cause itching and rash. Do not let them live under your roof while you are watching. Don’t spend cash buying drugs to reduce the itch. They say, prevention is better than a cure. While that may be very true, it is your responsibility to take control of your house and protect it against these harmful creatures.

Call us today, and we will visit your home. We will carry out an assessment and give you a report regarding the same. We shall then implement the best technique to get rid of the bed bugs. TORO Pest Management is a company that has been in the Pest industry since 1969. We have employees who are qualified and are committed to ensuring that you get the best service ever. Our entomologist will treat your home with the latest pest control products.

Our products are safe to use because they are naturally extracted from plant oils and other extracts. These products are safe to both humans and pets. Therefore, you and your family do not have to worry about the effects.

Apart from treating your home, we will also give you tips and tricks on how to take care of your home or commercial building to make sure that the bedbugs do not return.

If you hire TORO Pest Management today, you will enjoy the following benefits:

• Guarantee in case the bed bugs return
• Pest control as well as detection services
• Enjoy services from a company that has been in service for 40 years.

Therefore, if you are in Key Biscayne Village, do not hesitate to call us, we shall be glad to help you get rid of bedbugs and other pests.


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