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5 Pests Probably Planning a Home Invasion from your Backyard.  You never know when pests will invade your backyards and gradually intrude in your house, hence always keeping an eye on your backyard is important. There are various types of pests that may start their journey in the backyard and end up in the middle of your living area. This, it is important to detect such backyard activities before it becomes a full home invasion. Pest such as fire ants, stink bug, termites, rats, bees and mosquitoes are the most common intruders that make their way through the backyard. If you notice any unusual sign of pest activities around the house, you should not delay in taking the necessary actions. Procrastination in action may result in pest infestation of the entire premises.

1. Termites ( Formosan Subterranean): Like many pests, termites are of different type, but they all germinate in the dark and dark corners or places. All types of termites are equally harmful. Consuming timber and other consumable materials, they can damage wooden doors, floors, windows, cupboards, walls and whatever else is made of timber. The may even damage the entire structure of your house.
It is of utmost importance, therefore, to access the support of a professional pest controller as and when you notice the presence of termites and other pests in your backyard.

Its is not easy to sense the presence of termites as they are mostly burrowed under the ground. The only signs of their presence is the mud covering being built on the walls and on the timber pieces or plants in the backyard. But there is nothing to worry about if you are unable to detect the infestation of the termites. You can always call for the services of specialists for termite inspection.

2. Red Imported Fire Ants: Fire ants are an invasive specie found throughout the southern part of the United States. These ants and their tell-tale mound nests should be avoided by all costs. Interfering with a for ants nest can cause them to sting you en masse, resulting in painful welts or allergic reactions in those sensitive to insect stings. If a fire ant nest is discovered in your backyard, call an exterminator.

3. Norway Rats: Norway rats are believed to be of Asian origin but are now found throughout the world, and most times, in our backyards. They can cause damages to structures through their gnawing, and are also vectors for serious diseases, amongst which are plague, jaundice, Lassa fever and salmonellosis.

4. European Starlings: These were introduced intentionally to New York over a hundred years ago by Shakespeare enthusiasts who wanted to introduce every bird mentioned in the playwright’s work to the United States. They have since spread across the country, and arguably, the world. Their droppings may cause significant structural damage to buildings as well as promote fungal activity and growth in the soil and lead to diseases.

5. Killer Bees: A dangerous insect known for its aggressiveness and ability to chase people for more than a quarter of a mile in defense of their hives. While their sting is no more venomous than that of the regular honeybees, they tend to attack in greater numbers which increases the threats to humans.

These are just a few invasive pests that make their ways from your backyards to your living room. If activities of these pests are spotted, especially the killer bees and fire ants, direct confrontation is ill-advised. Call for licensed pest controllers who are trained in the capture and disposal of these pests. And avoid being in their way of offering to help as this might put you solidly in harm’s way and make their work all the more harder than it has to be. Leave them to their jobs and afterwards enjoy a pest and rodent free backyard.



5 Pests Probably Planning a Home Invasion from your Backyard.

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