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6 Things You Could Be Doing To Attract Termites

When you notice a pile of wood dust under your chair, it is a sign that your house is under attack by the termites. Termite infestation can cause a lot of damage to your house; it will destroy your expensive furniture and ruin your foundation. As they are very small in size they are not noticeable until you see the damage they have caused. To stop termites from invading your home, you need to know the things that attract termites. This will help you to save your property from extensive damages.

1. Moisture
Termites seek moist areas and feed on softwood. So, if there are any leaks in your house, you should fix them. Otherwise, the termites can enter the house through them. You must inspect the water supply system in your kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom to see if the water is dripping from anywhere. You should check your air conditioning system to see that water is not leaking from there.

You must seal the leakages and do frequent inspections to find any more leaks, especially in the corners of the house. Leakage in your basement can be a hot spot for the termites. So, you should check out these areas regularly and fix them immediately.

2. Cracks
Termites feed on the organic matters that are found in the soil. When they forage too far, they can end up near the cracks in your foundation and enter the house through them. They can then get to your furniture and infest there. So, you should fill up the cracks to keep termites away.

3. Mulch
Mulch is often used in gardening to retain the soil’s moisture. These mulches can attract termites. These retain moisture and become the food of the termites. You should keep the mulches a minimum of 15 inches from the foundation to prevent termites from entering the house.

4. Tree branches and leaves
If the tree branches grow up to the roof, this gives the termites access to the house. So, you should trim the branches of the trees regularly to keep termites away from your home. When the branches grow taller they block the sunlight, so moisture starts to build up which can welcome the termites.

5. Clutter
You must declutter your house regularly. Clutters can encourage the infestation of termites. You should throw away any papers, old magazines, or card boxes that you don’t use.

6. Improper drainage
Clogged gutters attract the termites. So, you must clean them regularly to keep the termites away. You can divert the rainwater from your foundation using splash blocks. This way water won’t accumulate in one place and the termites will stay away too.

Now as you know what attracts the termites, you should take measures to prevent their infestation. Once they are inside your house, the outcome can be destructive. If you see that the termites have occupied the furniture of one room, then don’t shift that furniture to the other unaffected rooms. Call the professional exterminators immediately to get rid of them.


6 Things You Could Be Doing To Attract Termites

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