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7 Important Termite Facts for Homeowners  Our home can be affected by several types of pests. Different type of pests damages different things from our house in different ways. Some of the pests damage clothes, some affects the food that you had stored, while some of them damage wooden things like furniture. The termite is the most popular creation in this category.

Termites affect wooden items in a very severe way. They continuously eat your furniture if they reach there. They do not sleep and can eat even 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Most of the people happen to know the effects after the wood had completely damaged. It is very important to notice the signs of termite activity and to prevent them from your home, otherwise, you may face multiple damages.

Here are some facts to define why this creation is much dangerous for your home:

1. Huge in population
A termite queen lays a lot of termite eggs in a day. It can lay almost 30,000 eggs every day. It usually lays an egg in every 15 seconds that can averagely live 15 to 25 years easily. That’s why they are huge in population on this planet. According to a study, there are approximately 1,000 pounds of termite on the planet for every person which is a big amount of termites.

2. They build huge Mounds
As they have a high amount of population, that’s why they build huge mounds, nests or mud tubes to live. Mostly they build their nests near the source of food to make themselves eat easily.

3. Termite eats a lot
As we know that termites don’t sleep, so they have a lot of time to eat. A small amount of termite can easily eat 1,000 pounds of wood each year which is equal to the wood of 650 baseball bats.

4. Termite produce a lot of Gas
Scientists say that termites release 12.5 million tons of methane gas in a month which can easily pollute the air of any space. In this way, your health can be affected by termites.

5. They can get in through small openings
Termites are also very difficult to resist. They can easily get into your home through very small and tiny openings. It is very difficult to keep them away from your home.

6. Termites eat more than just wood
Most of the people think that termites only eat wooden things. If your furniture is made of metal or your home is made of any other material then it will not be affected, but it is not true. It can also eat all the other materials like wood.

7. Can’t repair the thing once it is affected by Termites
It is unable to repair the affected thing by termites. You can only trash it or throw it away outside the home because it is unable to get rid of the thing from termites when they have started their activity.

So, try to keep your home safe from termites. Follow different termites control precautions and don’t let them destroy your home. Fоr further help! It is rесоmmеnded that you lооk for a professional реѕt control соmраnу like Toro Pest Management!


7 Important Termite Facts for Homeowners

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