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Are Mosquitoes Good For Anything?

Mosquitoes have been around on the planet even before man. However, man considers mosquitoes to be pesky and carriers of diseases. Every year many people die because of diseases that spread due to mosquito bites. They not only infect human but also pose threats to pets and livestock. Despite the fact, these mosquitoes offer many benefits to humans and the environment. Let us look at the benefits they offer:

The Food Web

Mosquito larvae are aquatic insects. They are a food source for other kinds of larvae and also play a very crucial role in the marine food chain. Mosquito larvae act as filter feeders that strain the tiny organic particles from the water and convert them into tissues of their bodies which fishes then eat. Larvae are also meal for insects such as dragonflies. For fishes and other aquatic animals, mosquito larvae are a nutrient-packed snack. Moreover, mosquito larvae eat waste products and, in turn, makes nutrients like nitrogen for the plants to survive, and some species of mosquitoes eat the carcasses of insects drowned in water. Eliminating mosquitoes will impact the plants in such areas.

When becoming an adult, mosquitoes become a nutritious meal for spider, birds, and bats and work as the biomass of food for the wildlife on lower food chain ranks. The extinction of mosquitoes will adversely impact the ecosystem. Some scientists believe that some other species will replace the mosquito, and eventually, the ecosystem will rebound.

Acting As Pollinator

Both male and female mosquitoes are dependent on nectar for energy. When they are retrieving nectar, the mosquitoes pollinate plants, which helps plants survive and provide shelter to other organisms. Pollination of plants by mosquitoes, especially in wetlands, ensures various kinds of plants thrive. Thus elimination of mosquitoes will affect the ecosystem.

Caribou And Mosquitoes

In the arctic region, mosquito swarms have been a fact of life for caribou. Elimination of mosquitoes may alter the migratory pattern of the hulking animals and may disturb parts of the Arctic ecosystem. Though the population of mosquitos have already been affected by climate change in the Arctic region.

Medical Lessons

Although the mosquito is famous for spreading diseases, there are chances that the saliva of the mosquito may be of use to treat cardiovascular disease. One such potential use of saliva being explored is for the development of anticlotting drugs. But scientists still do not know about half the molecules that are found in mosquito’s saliva.

Mosquitoes are pesky vectors, but they are still part of the ecosystem, and their elimination may have an adverse impact on the ecosystem.

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Are Mosquitoes Good For Anything?

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