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Could A House Mouse Destroy Your Home’s Foundation?

Though mice are small in size they multiply very fast and inflict damage to wood, concrete, drywalls and insulations. Their ability to chew even very hard materials leads to damage of the foundation of the home. There are various types of mice that are capable of inflicting severe damage to foundation of buildings. When you find cracks or holes in the foundation it is an indication that the foundation is already damaged by mice. Mice are capable of getting under the home. When there is a crawl space they can easily get under the house. 

Home invaders

The House mouse is identified as the most common home invader. During rainy season these rodents enter homes in search of food. These mice can easily fit through even very small cracks and holes and for them it is very easy to gain entry into the homes. They easily crawl around the cables or through the vents or under garage doors. These crawl places provide the mice easy access to the various structural parts of the house. When crawl places are not maintained properly, they drive pests in to the house. The mice can infest crawl spaces after entering through very small openings. The mice that are present in the crawl space will damage the foundation by way of chewing the concrete, insulation, wires, pipes and also destroy the air ducts. The mice reach other areas of the house through the wiring, plumbing and ductwork. 

Detection of mice infection

When mouse dropping or urine is found in the crawl space they indicate mice infection. When the home is infested with mice the entire insulation as well as wiring will be disturbed and there will be nests made of paper or insulation. Bite marks on wiring, insulation and ducts indicate mouse infestation. It is indeed a difficult task to control mice infestation since they rapidly multiply and the total number of mice in the house will be much more than we expect. The mice are capable of pulling the house down. As soon as the mice gain access to the electrical wiring they start chewing the wires to clear the path to other places in the home. When the wires lose their insulation they spark fire. Many fire accidents are caused by mice. They also chew soft concrete, wood, drywall, plastic pipes, rubber, aluminium and also gas lines. They can manage to get through spaces that are very small. Their prime entry points are the holes and cracks in the foundation.

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Could A House Mouse Destroy Your Home’s Foundation?

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