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How Fire Ants Survive Flood Waters  Fire ants are the American ants. It is believed that these ants have the dangerous sting. Their sting can cause severe pain. It is believed that these have the even dangerous sting so that they can attack the small animals and can kill them. So, one should be very careful if somehow these ants may enter their homes.

It is believed that from June to November there is the season when people have to face the disturbance of fire ants at their homes. Most people get disturbed from different types of insects like wasps and yellowjackets etc. These ants have the abilities so that they can survive even in severe weather.

How to identify fire ants?
There are many areas in which the fire ants are commonly found. The people, who live there, make themselves familiar with their appearance. People also think that fire ants are those whose sting is dangerous to an extent. These ants use the sunny area to mound like parks and lawns etc.

All the fire ants may not be the same. There are different types of fire ants, but these are in the list of most dangerous ants because their sting is very dangerous and one should apply methods to get rid of them.

How Fire Ants Survive Flood Waters
It is believed that these fire ants have the abilities that they can survive in flood waters. By the question is that how these ants will survive in flood water. The overall scenario will be understood by you by reading the following procedure.

• It is believed that red imported fire words use their nestmates which acts as a living raft that will help to float at the top of the flood water.

• These ants use their legs to make a raft like these will link their legs in such a way that it will give the shape of the raft. This raft will help them to reach the destination which will be a dry area.

• When these reach to their destination, these will rebuild their colony there. These fire ants have the abilities to remain safe even if in the hot temperature because these have a very waxy exterior that helps them to remain safe in the hot temperature.

• It is believed that when these ants have to face the flood water, this waxy layer helps them a lot make the water leave from that specific area.

How to treat the sting of the fire ants?
These ants have the dangerous sting. It causes a lot of pain. When these fire ants get threatened, these will stick to your skin when they once attack to you. You have to pull off these ants one by one. You have to do the following things:

• You have to wash the affected area with the cold water.

• You can use anti-itch ointments.

Hence, these all are the ways that you can use to get rid of the pain caused by the sting of the fire ants.

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How Fire Ants Survive Flood Waters

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