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How Much Damage Does Termites Cause?

Commercial property owners and homeowners should always pay attention to termites. You should always take termite structural damage to your home or place of business very seriously. While you are probably aware of this already, you might be wondering how much damage termites can cause to your property.

In this post, we will talk about two termites and how they can endanger your commercial property.

Subterranean Termite Damage

Just as their name suggests, subterranean termites typically live underground where they build an extensive network of tunnels. These termites will usually gain access to your home or property through areas where flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetation are located. Termites will often seek out any sources of wood. They can also burrow beneath pavements, foundation, and sidewalks of your property by slipping through the small cracks. At this point, the termites will slowly devour all the sources of wood, causing very heavy amount of damage to the structure.

Drywood Termite Damage  

Unlike Subterranean Termites which need soil contact, the difference is that Drywood Termites produce an arial infestation. They are commonly found on wet facia boards or exterior door frames or in attics. You can easily see Drywood Termite Pellets at the base of a wood molding. A structure can have more than one colony.

Potential structural damage fallout

Termites can cause significant damage when left unchecked. In fact, the damage caused by termites can cost thousands of dollars in case it is not caught early enough and dealt with completely. This is why termite control and prevention is a necessity.

You can expect the following:

Business shutdown

If yours is a commercial property and there is enough damage caused by termites, you may be forced to close down your business for sometimes so that you can undertake necessary repairs. This will potentially result in heavy financial loses besides the inconvenience for both customers and employees. 

High repair costs

High repair costs is another thing associated by damage caused by termites. You might be forced to spend many thousands of dollars to repair the results of termite structural damage on your property.

Insurance issue

Your insurance will often not cover termite damage and this is something that can lead to bigger financial problem. Therefore, it is important that you check with your carrier.

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How Much Damage Does Termites Cause?

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