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How to Avoid Ticks in South Florida  In South Florida, ticks can be found throughout the year but the abundance of the nymphs and the adults is dependent on the seasons. At any stage the ticks can transmit the diseases which they carry so avoiding the ticks and the prevention of tick bites is much important. With the nymphs of the ticks, there is an increased risk of the diseases as they are small enough to be noticed. 

How to Avoid Ticks 

For transmission of the disease to the organisms, the ticks must have to feed for the few hours, so their quick identification and removal significantly helps to reduce the chances of disease transmission. Some measures should be taken to avoid the ticks and the diseases caused by them. 

Wear Full Clothes to Avoid Contact with Ticks 

Remove the ticks from people and pets, as soon as possible. While moving to the tick-infested areas, wear full clothes and keep the clothing buttoned, including the placement of the pants inside the boots. Pull the socks over the pant cuffs, it will help to keep the ticks away from the feet and the shoes. Preferably wear light-colored clothes, so that the ticks can be easily spotted or identified. During the hiking, wearing the light-colored clothes will full sleeves is highly recommended to avoid the ticks and the bites of other insect bites. The health care departments and the extension services, also recommend wearing the full sleeves. 

Use Repellents and Avoid Hiking in Summer 

Try to avoid hiking in the summer in the high grasses as it is the favorable season for the larvae of the ticks and the larvae are looking for the hosts on whom they can feed off. On the uncovered portions of the skin, apply the repellents to avoid the ticks. Permethrin and the DEET repellents work as the front line of defense against the attack of ticks. 

Keep an Eye on Surroundings and Avoid Visiting Infected Areas

Do not touch the plants in the tick-infested areas. If your home or office is in the wooded areas, then check for the ticks daily. Clear brush the frequently used areas, and the pathways. Landscape the area for the tick free zone. For getting the management tips to keep your area safe from the ticks, consult the local extension agent. When the trail maintenance is slackened in South Florida, try to walk on the habitats where the grasses are minimum, the footpaths are wider, and walk on the paved trails. The ticks just do not belong to the woods, one can get them from the dogs, or even from the gardening tools, so do not attract wildlife to your yard.


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How to Avoid Ticks in South Florida

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