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How to detect the entryways of rodents in your home

Rodents are very active and can cause severe damage to your property if you don’t catch them early. They are known for their secret behavior. You might have tried many times to catch a rodent with a trap but in vain. Rodents are quite smart too, and they are too quick for you to spot them.  Many people don’t even know about rodent infestations until things have taken an ugly turn in their homes.

This article will help you with some common signs that you should watch out for, at the entryways of your home. When you spot these signs, you have to act immediately, because these signs confirm that a rodent has entered your home.

Observe your house for bite marks at all possible places

Are half-bitten wires strewn across your home when you wake up in the morning? Do you notice that the edges of your furniture and windows have been chewed upon? Do you see a bite or gnaw marks on the furniture? If you have answered “yes” to one or all of these questions, you can be sure of rodent infestations in your home.

Observe the corners and crevices of your home for rodent droppings, if any

Rodents are known to leave marks of their droppings, wherever they go. So, closely watch the doors, windows and other entry points. If you see few or lots of droppings, you have to act immediately, because these signs confirm the presence of rodents in your place.

Watch out for bad odor

Rodents are not only famous for leaving signs of their droppings, but they are also known for leaving traces of bad odour as well. Watch the cracks and crevices of the doors, attics, basements, and walls carefully to check if you can smell anything foul. If there is a foul smell here, a rodent has definitely entered your home.

Strange sounds during the night

Rodents are known for their strange scurrying sounds. Keep your ears sharp during the wee hours of the night and early hours of the morning, to see if you can hear scurrying sounds. If you can hear these sounds, watch out for the directions they come from to be sure of rodent infestations.

Your pets may catch rodents earlier than you

Sometimes, rodents are smart enough not to leave any droppings, foul smell and gnaw marks behind. So, how do you know if they had been in your home? Watch the behavior of your pets closely. Cats or dogs detect the presence of rodents earlier than humans. If you see your pets in a restless state, check the cracks in the walls and doors once again to watch out for rodent infestations.

Once you notice these signs, you should immediately seal all the cracks & crevices. Then, you need to take the help of a professional pest control company and ask them for natural ways to keep the rodents at bay. When they are not controlled by a professional, they are likely to come back again and cause immense damage to your property.

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How to detect the entryways of rodents in your home

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