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How to get rid of cluster flies in your house  Do you notice a group of flies near your doors and windows, especially in the spring? If yes, they could be cluster flies. While they are not particularly dangerous, they can irritate you a lot because they are always seen in large numbers. If you thought that these cluster flies had just entered your building when you spotted in the spring, you are mistaken.

These flies cannot stand the harsh winters; therefore, they look for warm places to hide and nest in. When the temperatures fall outside, they stealthily enter your homes in the winters. You may be completely aware of these unwelcome guests staying right inside your house all through the winter season! When the temperatures start getting warm in the spring season, they try to move out of your house so that they can look for their food in the open. It is precisely at this time that you spot them!

How can you prevent cluster flies from entering your home in the winters? Here are some simple tips that may be quite handy for you.

  1. Use a good space or contact spray

If you spot a lot of cluster flies in your home, one of the best ways to get rid of them is to use a space or contract spray. Identify the areas where these flies are found in large numbers and spray in that area first.  Ensure that all the doors, windows, vents and other openings are well-sealed before you start treating the room.

Spray well as per the instructions mentioned in the products. Ensure that you spray in the crevices of the room as well so that you can get rid of hidden cluster flies if any. Close the door and leave the room. After 15 minutes, open the door and windows of the room; you will see a lot of cluster flies lying dead on the floor. You can repeat this treatment after a month if you still stop cluster flies around your house.

  1. Insecticide dusts

Sometimes, you may not be able to spray in very narrow areas like the cracks and crevices of the walls, small openings, etc. This is where you can use insecticide dusts to get rid of cluster flies. You can easily apply the dusts in the potential cluster fly infestation areas such as doors & windows, pipes, walls, cracks, wall voids, under the lamps & beds, room corners and the like.

  1. Fly lights

This can be used if there aren’t too many cluster flies flying around your home. These are lights that have a glue board that traps the insects when they fly around the bulb. Cluster flies are attracted to these lights, and you can easily trap them when they come near it. Use these bulbs in unused areas in your home, especially during the winters, to control the entry and infestations of cluster flies in your home.

More often than not, these methods will help you get rid of cluster flies to a great extent. If, after trying all these, you still spot these flies around your house, we suggest you call a professional pest control expert to give you a permanent solution for this problem.

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How to get rid of cluster flies in your house

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