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How to prevent insects from entering your shed during winter

During the winter seasons, insects cannot stand the cold in the external conditions. Therefore, they try to move to warm places and make themselves comfortable there. What could be a better place than your shed for the insects to find shelter in? These insects can cause long-lasting and permanent damage to your garden shed if you don’t take the necessary precautionary measures. Here are some tips for you to prevent insects from entering your shed during winter.

  1. Check for cracks

When we say cracks, we don’t just mean the cracks alone. We mean the crevices, leakages, holes, gaps or anything else that give room for insects to come out of their hiding places. Check for these cracks and seal them immediately with the help of a professional pest control expert.

  1. Use insecticides appropriately

When you use repellents or insecticides, you should remember that you should use the right one for the right bug. Use these chemicals only if the pest-infestation is too much. If you are allergic to the smell of the repellents, or if you have kids or senior members at home, it is highly recommended that use natural techniques or take the help of pest control experts to keep insects at bay.

  1. Plant-strong aromatic plants near your shed

One of the most natural ways to get rid of insects is by planting plants that have a strong aroma. Basil, rosemary, lemongrass, thyme, lemon thyme, lavender, etc. are some plants that have natural and strong-smelling essential oils in them. These repel the insects instantly, thereby keeping your shed safe from infestations.

  1. Trick them with a decoy

Want to protect your shed from insects? Plan a trap for them nearby, instead! Yes, build a small decoy near your shed and keep it reasonably lit, so that insects are attracted to come inside it. You can also leave holes and gaps inside the decoy, which makes it easier for the insects to move around. By doing this, you are diverting the attention of the insects away from your garden shed.

  1. Keep the area clutter-free

You already know that insects love in areas that are filled with clutter and mess. Hence, you need to keep the areas around your shed clean and clutter-free. Remove overgrown weeds and sweep the area every day to get rid of dust, dirt, and cobwebs. When a place is clean and neat, insects don’t enter into it easily.


  1. Double check windows and doors

It is highly recommended that you double check the doors and windows of your shed regularly to check for cracks or gaps. Insects enter into your shed mostly through the doors or windows. You need to be sure that they are airtight and don’t contain even a small hole anywhere.

  1. Keep the shed as dimly lit as possible

Attractive lights are a great turn-on for insects. If there are bright lights switched on inside the shed or in the areas surrounding it, you should switch them off or dim them to repel insects.

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How to prevent insects from entering your shed during winter

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