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How to Protect Your Home from an Ant Invasion?

There are various defensive methods to protect your home from the ants. These are purely natural ways. Using deterrents is an effective method. The deterrents keep the ants away from your home. Ensure to keep the honey-jar inside a saucer which is filled with water. Always keep ready a spray bottle filled with solution of liquid dish soap. The spray is applied to get rid of all visible ants.

Whenever you find a hill of ants pour boiling water to get rid of the ants. Pouring boiling water is the easiest and the most effective natural method to get rid of ants. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) will effectively protect your home from ant-invasion. Food grade DE may be sprinkled around your newly built home and sprinkle it inside also wherever ants are found. The ants will disappear within a few days.

Ensure that the DE is dried. The paste made of borax, sugar and very little quantity of peanut butter will get rid of ants completely within two weeks. When the floor is wiped using solution of vinegar in water the ants get vanished. 

Get rid of ants permanently
Cornmeal or grit may be sprinkled over the places that are ant-infested. Spraying natural killer sprays is also found effective in protecting the home from ants. When food items kept inside the home are accessible to ants they are attracted into the house. Hence it is very important to keep the home free of food spills. It is equally important to thoroughly clean the kitchen daily. Sugar and grease are to be kept in perfectly closed containers since ants are very much attracted to the scent of grease and sugar. Ants can be repelled by way of growing mints around the home. Cayenne Pepper or Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Lemon Juice are the other natural products that effectively drive the ants out of the home.

One ant brings thousand ants
Wherever food is spilled ants will be there. When you want to get rid of ants from your house first of all take extreme care of the kitchen. Store foods in tight containers and the floor and crumbs are to be kept clean always. The kitchen should not be a feeding place for ants. A quick sweep of the kitchen daily at night before going to bed will ensure prevention of ant-invasion. Take meals only at the dining table and avoid taking food to different places in the home. After taking food it is very important to thoroughly wash and wipe the vessels and containers. Setting up a picnic table on the grass outside will also ensure protection from ants.    
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How to Protect Your Home from an Ant Invasion?

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