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Odors That Can Help You To Prevent Rat Infestations

Those who had dealt with rats at home before will understand how frustrating and difficult it is to get rid of these rodents. Once they enter the house they never seem to go away. They are bigger than mice and are skittish, so they might give you a fright when you suddenly see them. Using mouse or rat traps is an option, but it can be messy; because you have to throw the rat away when it gets trapped. Also, if there are children and pets in the house then these traps may cause an accident.

Why certain odors may keep rats away?
Rats have a strong sense of smell and that’s how they find their food. So, if a certain smell can attract the rats, there are odors that can also deter them. If you can place such items in the house whose smell keeps the rats away then it will be a natural and convenient way of eradicating rats from your house.

Odors that repels rats
Certain odors can prevent rat infestation. By knowing them, you can keep your house rat-free. Here we are going to discuss them.

Rats tend to avoid the smell of mint. So, you can grow the mint plant outside or inside the house. Alternatively, you can put some peppermint oil on cotton balls and keep them in areas where rats might be present like the attic beams or small corners of the house.

Mothballs have the smell of naphthalene that may keep the rats away. You can place mothballs in your basement or other areas. However, if there are children or pets around, you need to place them carefully so that they don’t eat them mistakenly.

The smell of ammonia deters the rats. The smell of ammonia is similar to that of urine. So, rats will never go near things that smell like ammonia. You can fill up bottle caps with ammonia and put them in places where the rats might be hiding, like the attic, basement, and other places.

Chili powder
Chili powder can cause irritation if ingested or even inhaled. So, sprinkling some chili powder in the corners of the house, openings, and holes can deter rats. Use gloves when placing them; otherwise, it might cause skin irritation.

Bergamot, a citrus fruit, is used in Earl Grey tea to give it a unique smell. The smell of bergamot deters rats. So, you can cut this fruit and place it in different parts of the house to repel the rats.

Rats don’t like the smell of eucalyptus. They won’t feed, nest, or live near an area where they can smell eucalyptus. So, growing a eucalyptus plant in your garden can help to keep rats away. You can also spray eucalyptus oil around your house to repel rats.

Rays don’t like the smell of cloves. You can sprinkle ground cloves near the rat’s suspected habitat. That way the rats will not appear in those places.

Odors of the things just mentioned can prevent rat infestation. You will need to continue sprinkling or placing these things from time to time around the house to keep rats away.


Odors That Can Help You To Prevent Rat Infestations

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