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Ticks in South Florida and Lyme disease  In South Florida, ticks are quite abundant, especially during the summer season. Commonly, in Florida, the six species of ticks are known. The ticks are found everywhere in South Florida. The hosts of the ticks often bring them to the yards, where they are eagerly searching for their next meal. 

Ticks Attacks in Groups and May Cause Severe Symptoms 

They feed in the groups or swarms and one person can have up to 20 or more than 100 ticks at one time. The most common human-biting tick in South Florida is the lone star tick. In South Florida, the main transmitter of the diseases is the American dog tick. Its bite to human beings causes the rashes, after the onset of fever, vomiting, headache, muscle aches, and lack of apatite. In south Florida, the number of cases regarding the tick infected persons is increased in the summer. 

Lyme Disease 

The bite of the black-legged tick causes the spreading of Lyme disease. The early symptoms of the Lyme disease include body aches, fever, and the bull’s eye rash. This disease can be treated by using the antibiotics, but if it is left untreated it may cause serious health concerns. Mostly the people are completely recovered after the treatment of the Lyme disease but some people may suffer from the chronic symptoms such as pain, fatigue and the swelling of joints that is also known as the post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. The prolonged use of antibiotics to cure the Lyme is not recommended. Studies have shown that the prolonged use of antibiotics can cause various health-related issues. 

Signs and the Symptoms of Lyme Disease 

Usually, for an infected tick, it takes 34 to 48 hours to transmit the Lyme disease. This is the most significant period, that is ignored by the majority of the periods. At the site of the tick bite, the classic rash of Lyme is in the form of the expanding bull’s eye rash. In 70-80% of the cases, this rash is present. So, if you are living in the area, where there is the risk of Lyme disease, and someone at home starts getting the body pain, aches, fever, and swelling of joints, you should immediately check the doctor as the early treatment is root to the complete cure. 

Prevention is Key to Avoid Ticks and Lyme Disease 

Preventing diseases and disease-causing factors are always the best practice. Be mindful that where your children are playing and where you are going for the hangouts.


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Ticks in South Florida and Lyme disease

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