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What are best ways to get rid of Lovebugs?

Lovebugs are common insects seen in various parts of the US that can cause several discomforts to motorists and vehicle owners. They will enter easily into a lawn or garden in a home which creates troubles to human beings by flying on the head and ears. However, they don’t sting or bite a person when they come to a place. It is necessary to maintain a lawn in good condition by removing plant debris and chemical products. This will help a lot to control lovebugs in a garden or lawn for living a problem less life.

How to get rid of lovebugs?
There are several ways available for those who want to get rid of lovebugs and they can follow them properly for lowering the problems.

1. Using natural insect spray
Nowadays, there are different types of natural insect sprays available in the markets and one people can spray them on the doors, windows, and other areas that kill the insects with high success rates.

2. Lighting mosquito candles
Homeowners can light the mosquito candles inside or in the porch that gives ways to drive lovebugs effectively.

3. Using a vacuum cleaner
A vacuum cleaner is a right option for sucking lovebugs efficiently which can help to get rid of them to a large extent.

4. Mowing the lawn
It is advisable to mow the lawn with more attention enabling homeowners to control the movements of insects.

For vehicle owners
Lovebugs can damage the paints of vehicles which can result in several problems. They can follow the below tips for getting more protection from them.

• Spreading a light film of baby oil on important areas on the vehicle such as grill, bumper, hood, and windshield
• Mixing water with a baby’s shampoo and some elbow grease for removing the lovebugs
• Lamp oil is an ideal solution for vehicles and one can use 1/2 cup of oil for with a bucket of water
• Baking soda is another product which works well for the lovebugs removal process and one can use the same with warm water
• A dryer sheet is a suitable one for removing the lovebugs and people can wipe their vehicles with it after spraying water
• Vehicle owners can utilize cooking spray on the nose and mirrors of the cars that can reduce the lovebugs
• Applying degreaser on the windshield and bumper will help to control the movements of insects efficiently

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What are best ways to get rid of Lovebugs?

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