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What are the 6 Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bed bugs are a common problem for every homeowner. These pests are capable of sucking your blood while you are asleep. As their name suggests, these miniature pests prefer to hide nearby your bed.

Bed bugs can cause severe damage not only to your bedroom but also to other areas of your house. These creatures can travel and hide in every place in your house. Especially, in the summers, these pests can travel from one place to another without even your knowledge.

What Are Bed Bugs?

The bed bugs are small, oval, and seem brown in color. These animals feed on the blood of animals and human beings. Grown-up bed bugs appear flat in size and often look like an apple seed. They may sometimes appear red after the feeding. As they are small, they tend to travel faster on your ceilings, walls, and these pests never fly. The female bed bugs are capable of laying hundreds of eggs throughout their lifetime. These eggs look like tiny spots of dust while viewed over the naked eye.

The nymphs can shed their skin more than five times before their maturity, and they need blood for their shedding. If their growing conditions are suitable, then these pests develop into fully grown adults in over a month. Bed bugs can produce more than three generations of their offspring in a single year.

Below are some of the unusual places for their hiding.

Alarm Clocks

The alarm clocks near your bed are easy locations for them to hide. Since they want to stay close to your bed, it becomes their feeding nest. Even if your alarm clock rings in high pitch, the alarm clock is never a matter of concern for these parasites. They continue to feed on you while you are asleep.


Bed bugs have love to hide in the books. Since book lovers tend to read books nearby the area of the bed, therefore it is a favorable place for them to hide. In extreme infestation, these pests prefer to hide in the books during the daytime.

Picture frames

Most people keep their photo frames near their bed. The nearer to the bed, the better the hiding place for them. As they are experts in climbing, they crawl in the walls and hide in the photo frames.

Dressers and nightstand

One of the best places for the bed bugs to hide in the area near your wooden nightstands and dressers. If your nightstands and dressers have empty spaces or cracks, it favors their hiding. Besides this, these are nearer to your bed favors their infestations. The dressers are becoming one of the hotspots for the bed bugs to hide without even noticing.

Electrical Outlets

If bed bugs infest your home severely, then the electrical outlets in your home are favoring their infestation. As the electrical outlets are nearby to your bedroom and less crowded, therefore it is the perfect spot for them to hide.

 Door Hinges

Although door hinges are not the favorite places for their hiding, recently many homeowners are complaining about this hiding place. Of late, this place is becoming an ideal nesting place.



What are the 6 Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places

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