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What are the plants that iguanas will not eat?

An iguana is a large lizard that is native to South and Central American countries. The iguana species vary greatly when it comes to size and color. Most of them feed on plant leaves, flowers, fruits, and buds. They will consume certain types of plants in a garden and home owners should know how to control them effectively. There are certain types of plants that iguanas will not eat and one should aware of them in detail. It is advisable to choose plants that have thick leaves and stems in a garden to avoid the entry of iguanas.

Here is the list of plants that homeowners can grow in their garden to ensure protection from iguanas.

  1. Agave

Agave plant has strong fibrous tissues in their leaves meant for making ropes, brushes, sandals, mats, and other items. It is an ideal one for landscaping purposes allowing garden owners to minimize the damages done by iguanas.

  1. Begonias

Begonias are often referred as houseplants and they add color to shady garden areas due to their bright blooms. There are different types of Begonias available for gardening purposes and homeowners can choose the right one among them after making a complete research properly. On the other hand, it is advisable to select a location that receives partial shade or filtered sunlight.

  1. Croton (Cadiaeum Variegatum)

Croton is a very popular plant meant for gardening purposes. However, it is a wise one to handle the same with care to avoid poisoning symptoms and other problems. Garden owners should choose the right location before planting Croton.

  1. Dracaena

Dracaena is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor gardening that grows in subtropical climate. It involves different types and requires less water than most indoor plants. On the other hand, it is advisable not to place the plant under direct sunlight as the rays will damage the foliage. Another thing is that the plant is tolerant of low light conditions and inexpensive one when compared to other plants. 

  1. Heliconia

Heliconia, also known as lobster-claw, is a beautiful flower plant with varied flower structure and bracts. It is a landscape plant that requires draining soil and needs sunlight of 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Moreover, the plant needs an abundance of water and one should remove the dead leaves and stems. Mulching is necessary for this plant in order to retain the moisture.

  1. Ixora

Ixora is a sub-tropical evergreen shrub meant for landscaping purposes which grows in moderate and cool climate. The plant requires evenly moist soil and pruning when it gets unruly. Furthermore, it needs mulching in order to prevent competitive weeds. At the same time, the plant is extremely tender and needs proper care to minimize succumbing to freezing temperatures.

  1. Oleander

Oleander is the most common grown plant in a garden because it contains many medical properties. It is toxic in nature than can cause several problems to pets and human beings to a large extent. Therefore, it is a wise one to handle the plant with utmost care.

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What are the plants that iguanas will not eat?

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