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What Mosquito Season Means for Florida? Summertime, summertime, summertime! Summertime in Florida is a nice time of year. Time for parties at the pool, badminton in the park, and just relaxing in the backyard as flies flit here and there. But there is a thing about summertime that, arguably, no one enjoys. We’re discussing mosquitoes. These insects can ruin a well good summertime, and not only because they cause itching red welts on our skin. Those itchy bites can be the vector for numerous dangerous diseases.

Some Fast Facts About Florida Mosquitoes Season

As lovers of heat and humidity, Florida has an ideal habitat, making the job of getting rid of mosquitoes and protecting your self from the diseases that they carry is a tricky thing.  Although there are more than 3,000 varieties of mosquitoes worldwide, the United States is home to a fraction of them, just 175 species. Not all species live in every state, in fact, Texas holds the record of 85 different species of mosquitoes and Florida comes in at number two as the home of 80 different kinds of blood-sucking mosquitoes that you need to defend yourself from.

In Florida, mosquitoes are pretty bad during the spring, but they’re even worse in the summer! When it is cold, mosquitoes slow down, but, when the temperature reaches the 80’s, they can become much more active. Since mosquitoes need water to reproduce, our do-it-yourself mosquito prevention tips will focus on reducing water sources on your property. In Florida, depending on which part of the state you’re located in. The cooler northern portion normally doesn’t begin to experience mosquito activity until early March, while South Florida may see mosquitoes in early February.

Preventing Mosquitoes In Florida

Given the variety of mosquito species throughout Florida and the length of the breeding season, it almost seems as if mosquitoes are an inevitable fact of life from spring through autumn. However, there are some actions that you can take to reduces the number of mosquitoes that hang around your property, even during peak mosquito season.

  1. Make Your Garden Look As Unattractive As Possible To Mosquitoes. By limiting mosquitoes’ breeding locality, you can prevent a new crop of these biting pests from plotting in your yard. Since adult mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, in moist soil, or in leaf litter in wet areas, you can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard by eliminating sources of standing water.
  2. Use Effective Mosquito Repellants And Barriers To Limit Your Exposure These Pests When You Are Outside Enjoying Your Yard. Treat clothing, upholstered outdoor furnishings, sunshades, and screens with permethrin, which repels both ticks and mosquitoes.
  3. Have Your Property Treated Regularly By A Qualified Pest Control Company like Toro Pest. If you have mosquitoes or other troublesome pests in your yard or inside your home, call the professionals to speak with one of our experienced pest control professionals about your problem. When it comes to mosquitoes, a do-it-yourself approach might not be enough to eliminate these persistent pests.

Protect your home from the discomfort as well as the dangers that mosquitoes can cause!

What Mosquito Season Means for Florida?



What Mosquito Season Means for Florida?

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