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What should I do if I get bit by a tick?  Mostly the people are concerned after getting bite by the tick but immediately after the bite the risk of getting the disease and the tick-borne infection is quite low. Ticks can only transmit the infection after they have taken the blood meal from the new host. If the tick is not attached to the body, it does not pass any infections. 

Remove the Tick and Cleanse the Area 

After getting bite by the tick, try to remove the tick gently and save it in the alcohol to show it to the doctor. Wash the hands properly, and clean the area with gentle soap and the warm water. For preventing the spreading of the infection, it was the area with the alcohol. 

Signs and Symptoms are Likely to Develop by the Tick Bite 

A small bump of red color can appear at the site of a tick bite. The small bump is just like a normal thing but if it is developed into the large rash, it is the indication that disease has been transmitted. Usually, this rash appears within 3-14 days. Even if the sign and the symptoms disappear, one should visit the doctor, as the risk of disease transmission is still there. The risk of getting the disease from the tick bite is significantly dependent on the area where you live, and the areas where you are traveling to, the time you are spending in the grassy, and the woody areas, and the way you protect yourself. One may develop chills, fatigue, oozing, headache, and body aches. 

Consult Health Care Provider 

Immediately after getting a bite the tick, see the doctor or health care provider. You need to be much quicker for visiting the doctor if the mouthparts, head, or any other body parts of the tick cannot be removed. Take the tick to the office of the health care provider or the hospital. If any part of the tick remains in the skin, the chances of getting the disease are enhanced. One should rush to the doctor if the tick cannot be completely removed. 

Follow Up the Prescription 

The doctor or the consultants for the health care will prescribe the antibiotics if a person is having the symptoms of the rocky mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease or any other tick-borne disease. They must use those antibiotics to avoid the symptoms from getting more severe.


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What should I do if I get bit by a tick?

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