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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?  Bed Bugs are biting type pests and they prefer to suck human blood. These bugs locate the prey through heat. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and the cross infestation of bed bugs occurs outside the home. As a result of infestation we bring the bed bugs in to the home where they get food and start reproduction. Dirt or grime do not attract the bed bugs. They are attracted by warmth, human blood and carbon dioxide. Clutter inside the home provides the bugs a lot of place to hide. The small size and flat body of the bed bug enables it to hide easily and during any time they remain rather inactive. Normally, the bed bugs are brought into the home within luggage. Wherever humans are present they settle there and spread very fast. It is indeed very difficult to control bed bug infestation because of their small size and their propensity to hide in the cracks and holes of furniture, in mattresses and in clutter. Bed bug infestation is a severe problem in homes, hotels and other places where people stay. The presence of a single female bed bug is sufficient to cause infestation. A healthy female bed bug will produce up to 500 healthy eggs in its lifetime and per day it will lay two to five eggs. 

Travel, going to see movies

Those who travel frequently will have more chances of bed beg infestation because they will be transporting a lot of bugs from lodges and public transport vehicles. When the bed bugs latch on to their dresses or luggage they are taken to home. When all seats in the movie house are occupied, they become hot seats and the warmth of the seats will attract the bed bugs. When these bugs come into contact with those who occupy the seats they bite them and a few bugs remain in their dress. They are taken to home where they multiply and the house will be infested with bed bugs. 

Sofas – hotspots for bed bugs

Bed bugs prefer to stay on fabric materials and avoid metallic surfaces since they are cold. Dark red as well as black sofas made of fabric material are considered bed bug hotspots. These sofas are commonly placed at lounge areas and those who relax on them for a while become the carriers of the bed bugs. When they go back home they carry with them at least three or four bed bugs and they will multiply and infest the house. When we go to places that are already infested with bed bugs, knowingly or unknowingly we get into contact with the bugs and carry them to our homes. 

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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

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